The most common questions and what we can do for you.


Is my accommodation included in the trip? Yes, accommodation for all nights of your trip is included in all our packages.
What kind of accommodation do you provide? Our packages are based on double occupancy rooms but you can always book a single room if that is your preference.
I saw this really nice villa but it is very expensive. Can I stay there? Yes! If you have a special request for accommodation, food or other service we can personalize your trip to make it exactly how you want it. Just be mindful that your special requests might be higher in cost and your package price will reflect this accordingly.
Can I bring additional people along during the trip? Please inform us in advance if you plan to bring extra people, as accommodation and arrangements need to be adjusted accordingly.
What kind of hotel is included in your trips? We usually allocate guests in their own private villa with swimming pool but we are happy to reserve a hotel if that is your preference.
When can I choose the villa/hotel for my trip? Once you have fully paid for your trip we will proceed to select and book your accommodation. We do it this way as availability varies a lot and we just want to offer you options that are available for you at the moment of payment.


Are flights included in your trips? No, flight fares are not included in our trips but are happy to give you some guidance to book a convenient flight for you and your crew.
When should I book the flight? We recommend you book the flight as soon as decide your travel dates as flight prices can increase quickly the sooner you get to your travel date.
Can I buy one way or do I need outbound/return ticket? The government of Indonesia requires all visitors to present an outbound ticket, this means you need to show proof of the incoming flight to Indonesia and the outgoing flight out of Indonesia.
Can I book my flight with only one airline? The number of flights you need to take to come to Bali depends on your country of origin and also the different airlines that can accommodate your flight route.
What happens if my flight gets cancelled? We understand eventualities happen and that is why we recommend all our guests to get travel insurance to cover in case of a last minute cancellation.
Do you provide travel insurance? We do not provide insurance we can recommend you some good options for travel insurance.
What visa do I need for my trip? We provide guidance on the visa application process, but obtaining the actual visa is the responsibility of the participant.


Is breakfast included? Yes, our trips included daily breakfast.
What kind of breakfast is included? Breakfasts options are usually Continental or Indonesian, depending on the hotel or villa of your preference.
I have some allergies or need a special diet (gluten free, vegan, halal, etc). Is that a problem? Not at all! You need to let us know in advance so we will make sure that all hotels/villas and restaurants know about your dietary restrictions.
Can you help me arrange lunch and dinner reservations? Of course we can! We can arrange restaurant reservations for you and your group so you don’t have to worry about that!
I want to have full pension (all meals included) during my trip. Is that possible? Of course it is! All our trips are customizable and we can definitely organize your trip with all meals included.
Are lunch and dinners included in the trip? Some lunch and dinners are included, depending on the package.
I don’t know where to eat in my free time. Can you give me some recommendations? Of course we can! You just let us know your preferences and we can suggest the nicest places in town!


Do you provide travel insurance? We do not provide insurance but we recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance for your peace of mind.
Why do I need travel insurance? Travel insurance can protect you against eventualities: cancelling or cutting short your trip for reasons beyond your control, cancelled flights, and any medical and other emergencies.
Is travel insurance expensive? This depends on the type of insurance. Prices vary significantly depending on the company and coverage.
I prefer saving some money and not getting travel insurance. What do you think? We don't recommend this. We hope all your travels go as planned but in case of eventualities a travel insurance can be life saver!


Do I need to be COVID-19 vaccinated to visit Indonesia? No. As of June 9th 2023, the Indonesian Government no longer requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
Do I have to wear a mask in Bali? It is no longer a requirement to wear a mask in Bali but it is advisable if you have symptoms.
I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Should I bring my certificate with me? It is still recommended that travelers carry their vaccine cards when traveling.
I have a medical exemption letter stating that I cannot get vaccinated against COVID-19. Should I bring it with me? Yes. It is recommended that you bring your exemption letter when travelling.


Do I need a visa to visit Indonesia? Visa depends on your passport nationality, some countries do not need a visa for Indonesia while others do. We are happy to guide you to the official Indonesian site for visas where you can clarify all these doubts.
I know I need a visa for Indonesia. Which visa type do I need? Visa type depends on your passport nationality, some countries can apply for Visa on Arrival (VOA and eVOA) while others need a B211A Visit visa. Their application process and cost are different.
I have a VOA or eVOA but would like to stay longer than 30 days. What should I do? Any type of VOA can be extended for an additional 30 days by visiting an immigration office. You need to apply for an extension at least two weeks prior to the expiration date.
All this visa process is too complicated. Can you do it for me? As a visa is a delicate matter, we are happy to provide guidance on the visa application process, but obtaining the actual visa is the responsibility of the traveler.
What are the requirements to apply for VOA and eVOA? - Requirements to apply for VOA or eVOA: a. A legal and valid passport that must be valid at least 6 months before the travel date. b. An international ticket for return or onward travel. c. Pay the fee at the Bali airport (around $35USD). The fee for VOA is payable in cash. It is advisable to have the money in IDR (Rupiah) before traveling. d. For eVOA process you can access the official Indonesian Government website: https://molina.imigrasi.go.id/
How long is my VOA or eVOA valid for? Any type of VOA is valid for 30 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days by visiting an immigration office.

Money & Tips

What is the currency in Indonesia? Currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
What is the exchange rate for Indonesian Rupiah? - As exchange rates change constantly we recommend checking online for accurate exchange rates. - 1 USD ~ 14.000 / 15.000 IDR - 1 Euro ~ 16.000 / 17.000 IDR
Do I need to have cash or can I just pay with my Credit Card everywhere? All expenses covered in your package with us are prepaid. Most restaurants and stores also accept Credit Cards but we recommend you to exchange some money into local currency (IDR) as most little stores or little cafes only accept local cash.
Where can I get or exchange money? You can exchange money at the airport or use any ATM to withdraw from for you Credit Card into the local currency (IDR).
Can I use USD or Euro to pay in Bali? Some places might accept USD or Euro but we recommend you to exchange money into local currency (IDR) as most little stores or little cafes only accept local cash.
Do I have to tip my waiter, driver or any other local server? Tipping is not part of Indonesian culture so it is not expected. Usually, all restaurants, hotels and other establishments include a service charge which is considered the tip but if you want to tip, feel free to do it!

Refund & Cancellation

What is your cancellation policy? Please refer to our cancellation policy on our website for detailed information about cancellations and associated fees.
What is your refund policy if I need to cancel my trip? Our refund policy can be found on our website and outlines the conditions under which refunds are provided.
Can I make changes to my trip itinerary after booking? Depending on availability and timing, some changes can be accommodated. Contact our support team to discuss your specific changes.

Bali General Questions

Is Bali a country? Bali is an island in the beautiful country of Indonesia.
How many people live in Bali? There area around 4 million people living in Bali. Counting locals and foreigners together.
Which language do they speak in Bali? In Bali, people speak Bahasa Indonesian and/or Balinese but you will be fine speaking English as the island is very touristy most locals can speak English.
When is the best time to go to Bali? This depends entirely on what is important to you! Weather vs crowd! Bali has two seasons: dry season runs between April and October while wet season goes from November to March. Dry season might sound more appealing but it also encompasses the long vacation time in Europe, America and Australia so weather is nice but you will find the island to be filled with hundreds of tourists. Please note that rain or no rain, people or no people, Bali is always beautiful!
When is it cheaper/more expensive to visit Bali? High season (more expensive): April - Ocotber - Low Season (cheaper): November - March
Is Bali safe? Bali is definitely one of the safest islands in Indonesia.

Trip General questions

How do I book a trip with your company? You can easily book a trip with us by visiting our website and following the simple booking process.
What should I pack for the trip? Packing lists vary depending on the destination and trip type. We provide a suggested packing list on our website to help you prepare.
Can children join the trip? Of course children can join all of our trips but there might be some limitations on some activities. Please consult with our agent as age limitation is case by case -based on age and activity.
What is the minimum age requirement for your trips? The minimum age requirement varies by trip. Please check the trip details on our website for specific age restrictions.
Can I request special accommodations for dietary restrictions? Yes, we can accommodate dietary restrictions. Make sure to inform us in advance, and we'll do our best to cater to your needs.
How do I pay for the trip? You can make payment through bank transfer after the final itenary.
What should I do if I have a medical emergency during the trip? Our guides are trained to handle emergencies. They will assist you in seeking medical attention and ensuring your well-being.
How can I contact your customer support? You can reach our customer support team through the contact information provided on our website, including email and phone number.
Do you offer group discounts? Yes, we offer group discounts for certain trip types and sizes. Please inquire with our support team for more information.
Are your trips suitable for solo travelers? Absolutely! Many of our trips are popular among solo travelers. You'll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals during your journey.
Can I bring my pet on the trip? Unfortunately, most of our trips are not pet-friendly due to logistical constraints and the comfort of other participants.
How can I provide feedback about my trip experience? We welcome your feedback! You can share your experience and suggestions through our post-trip survey or by contacting our support team.
I already paid for my trip but my friend wants to join. What should I do? We always welcome new travelers! The more the merrier! If your friend wants to join after all payments have been done please contact our customer support as soon as possible so they can explore options to accommodate your friend in your travel plans.
What should I do if I have a medical emergency during the trip? Our guides are trained to handle emergencies. They will assist you in seeking medical attention and ensuring your well-being. We recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to your trip so you can have peace of mind when you visit the doctor.
Will my trip be exactly as planned? Your trip experience could be impacted by local restrictions such as local businesses operating at reduced hours or capacity due to ceremonies, events or other eventualities out of our control. In very rare cases, we may need to adjust your itinerary and any adjustment will be communicated in due time.
I want to visit other destinations besides Bali. Can you help me with that? Of course we can! Please let us know about your travel ideas in the section of ”Customized Trips” and our agents will help you with your plans.