Romantic Horseback Riding in Seminyak Bali

The Riding Experience

Seminyak Beach provides a scenic backdrop for a horseback ride, with its expansive shoreline and views of the Indian Ocean. Guided by experienced handlers, you’ll navigate the beach, feeling the sand beneath your horse’s hooves and enjoying the sea breeze. Safety is a priority, making the experience accessible to riders of all levels.

Sunset Rides for an Extra Touch:

Elevate your experience by choosing a sunset ride through Unforgettable Trips to Bali. Riding into the sunset becomes a truly magical experience, with the sky transforming into a canvas of warm colors. Unforgettable Trips to Bali ensures that your sunset ride is not only romantic but also well-organized, adding that extra touch to your Bali getaway.

How to book a horseback ride?

To secure your spot for this exclusive horseback riding experience, booking can only be done through Unforgettable Trips to Bali.

$45 Booking fee: $9
  • Professional guide Included
  • Cool drink Included

Network of Bali Drivers

Benefit from our network of local Bali drivers, handpicked for their knowledge of the island's hidden gems and the best routes.

Maximum flexibility

Our itineraries are designed as a blueprint for your trip to Bali. Modify and adapt on the go for a truly personalized experience.

Reserve now, pay later

Experience the ultimate financial flexibility by paying only to secure your activity / driver, settle the rest in cash later when you do the activities

Frequently asked questions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for quick answers to common queries. Can't find what you're looking for? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team for personalized assistance

Is horseback riding suitable for beginners? Yes, horseback riding is suitable for beginners. Our experienced guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels.
What should I wear for the horseback ride? Are helmets provided? Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Helmets are provided for your safety during the ride.
What safety measures are in place during the horseback ride? Our top priority is safety. We provide well-trained horses, experienced guides, and all necessary safety equipment.
Can I bring my own camera or GoPro for personal use during the ride? Yes, that's no problem
Is there a contact number or email for further inquiries or assistance? Yes, After payment every detail will be sent to you