Taman Festival: An abandoned Theme park full of street art in Bali

When you think of Bali, you probably imagine luxury hotels, waterfalls, trendy cafes, and lush green rice fields. But an abandoned amusement park taken over by the jungle probably isn’t what comes to mind. Just above Sanur, in the south of Bali, lies Taman Festival. This theme park closed its doors over 20 years ago, and since then, it’s been left untouched. Nowadays, the park is a ghostly place with decaying buildings filled with street art. You’ll witness how nature has reclaimed this park and how graffiti artists have left their mark. What makes this place even more special is that you’ll hardly encounter anyone here. That’s because locals believe the place is cursed, and it’s not very well-known among tourists yet. During our visit to Taman Festival, we only came across a handful of people.

The story of Taman Festival Bali

Taman Festival opened its doors in 1997. At that time, the theme park boasted the largest pool in Bali, a 3D theater, and a laser show that cost over 5 million dollars. Overall, building this theme park cost about 100 million dollars. It was a massive investment that didn’t turn out to be very successful. On Friday the 13th of March, the laser show was struck by lightning, and locals believed thereafter that the park was cursed. This, along with the economic crisis in Indonesia, led to fewer and fewer visitors. The owner faced financial problems, and after a major legal battle over land use, Taman Festival closed its doors for good. Since then, nature has reclaimed the area, and travelers and locals tell thrilling tales of demons, crocodiles, and giant bats that are said to inhabit the place. Now, it’s a cool spot to explore if you’re up for some adventure!

Visiting Taman Festival?

From the Bali airport, it’s about a 30-minute drive to Taman Festival. If you’re staying near the airport on your last night, you can swing by here. You can also visit if you’re heading to Nusa Lembongan by boat because the park is located just north of Sanur, where the boats depart. Here’s the exact location. At the entrance, there are some guys asking for 20,000 IDR (€1.20) as an entrance fee. It’s not official, but to avoid any hassle, it’s better to just pay this small amount.

What should you bring?

There are a few things you definitely shouldn’t forget when visiting Taman Festival:

Mosquito repellent: There are lots of mosquitoes in some areas.

Water: You’ll probably spend about two hours in the park.

Small change: 20,000 IDR per person for entrance.

Camera: This place is a photography paradise.

Shoes: There’s a lot of glass on the ground.

  • Best to visit Midday
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Frequently asked questions

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What is Taman Festival and where is it located? Taman Festival is an abandoned theme park located in Bali, Indonesia.
Why is Taman Festival considered abandoned? Taman Festival was abandoned due to financial difficulties and management issues.
How did Taman Festival transform into a hub for street art? Local artists began utilizing the abandoned space as a canvas for their street art, gradually transforming it into a vibrant artistic hub.
What is the significance of street art in Taman Festival? Street art in Taman Festival serves as a form of expression, showcasing local talent and addressing various social and environmental issues.
Are there any events or activities hosted in Taman Festival currently? While Taman Festival doesn't host official events, it often becomes a venue for impromptu performances, art exhibitions, and cultural gatherings.
How has the local community reacted to the transformation of Taman Festival? The local community has largely embraced the revitalization of Taman Festival, seeing it as a positive reuse of the space and a platform for artistic expression.
What are some notable examples of street art found in Taman Festival? Notable examples of street art in Taman Festival include murals depicting Balinese culture, environmental messages, and abstract designs.
How does Taman Festival contribute to Bali's cultural scene? Taman Festival contributes to Bali's cultural scene by providing a unique space for artistic exploration and community engagement.
What makes Taman Festival a unique attraction compared to other theme parks in Bali? What sets Taman Festival apart is its fusion of urban art with the remnants of a once-popular theme park, offering visitors a one-of-a-kind experience that combines nostalgia with contemporary creativity.