Bali Temples: Menstrual Traditions

In Bali, Indonesia, the beautiful temples are a blend of culture and religion. One thing you might notice is that some temples have a rule: women on their period shouldn’t enter. This comes from Hindu traditions, where they believe temples should be kept pure and clean.

Understanding the Tradition

In certain Hindu groups, people think women on their period are not pure. Temples are seen as holy places, so they don’t want impurity there. It’s important to know that different temples have different rules, and not all of them follow this tradition.

Variability in Practices

Each temple can have its own way of doing things. Some temples strictly follow the rule, while others are more flexible. Before you visit a temple, it’s smart to check what that particular temple expects.

Tips for Visitors

Look into the Rules

Before going to a temple, find out if there are any special rules. You can ask locals or the temple staff to get the right info.

Respect Local Ways

Be respectful of the local customs, even if they are different from yours. Understand that these customs are important to the people there.

Bring a Scarf or Sarong

It’s common to wear a sarong at Balinese temples as a sign of respect. Having an extra scarf or sarong can be handy in case you need to cover up a bit.

Read Signs

Sometimes, temples have signs telling you what to do. Pay attention to these signs and follow them.

Cultural Evolution

Things can change over time. While some traditions stay the same, others might become more relaxed. Keep up with what’s happening so you know what to expect.

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