How to Secure Your Money in Bali

When traveling to destinations like Bali, ensuring the safety of your finances is a top priority. This article provides practical tips for keeping your money secure in Bali and avoiding common tricks at exchange counters.

1. Choose Trusted Locations in Bali

Opt for ATMs and currency exchange counters in well-touristed areas or established bank branches to reduce the risk of scams.

2. Examine ATMs and Exchange Counters

Before conducting any transaction, carefully inspect the ATM or exchange counter for signs of tampering, unusual attachments, or skimming devices.

3. Shield Your PIN

Always shield your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when entering it at an ATM or exchange counter to prevent unauthorized access.

4. Monitor Your Transactions

Regularly review your bank statements and account activity to spot any suspicious or unauthorized transactions and report them immediately.

5. Use Secure ATMs

Stick to using ATMs within reputable banks located in well-lit, open areas, avoiding secluded or poorly lit locations.

6. Be Wary of Currency Exchange Tricks

Exercise caution when dealing with street currency exchange vendors in Bali, as they may offer attractive rates but could provide counterfeit currency or shortchange you. Opt for official currency exchange counters at reputable locations.

7. Inform Your Bank

Notify your bank about your travel plans to Bali, allowing them to monitor your account for unusual activity during your trip.

8. Beware of Skimming Devices

Before using an ATM, inspect the card slot for any unusual attachments that may indicate the presence of skimming devices.

9. Use Secure Wi-Fi for Online Banking

When accessing your bank account or making online transactions in Bali, use a secure Wi-Fi connection or a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your data from potential hackers.

10. Verify Your Money at Exchange Counters

Count your money carefully at currency exchange counters in Bali to ensure you receive the correct amount. Some operators may attempt to deceive you by using sleight of hand.

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