The best beach clubs in Bali

1.The Lawn, Canggu

I have a strong preference for The Lawn! Until recently, The Lawn was nothing more than a small grassy area (hence the name) and an old VW van where you could grab Coconut Mojitos. However, it has since transformed into a full-fledged beach club while retaining its incredibly laid-back atmosphere. It’s stylish and high-quality but without the excesses that some of the other beach clubs on this list exhibit. It’s just right. The location is fantastic, the food is delightful (don’t miss the gado gado!), the staff is friendly, and you get to enjoy a view of Canggu’s surf breaks. Moreover, the minimum spend for a sunbed is quite reasonable (150,000 IDR/€10), especially when compared to other beach clubs (1,000,000 IDR/€70). Don’t miss out!

2.Finns, Berawa (Canggu)

Finns has everything you could ask for: a beautiful pool, a surplus of sunbeds (no waiting required), a poolside bar, exceptional service, a surf shop, a fantastic restaurant, and a constant stream of great tunes courtesy of a DJ. When it comes to service, think of it as “hello miss, allow me to clear the sand off your sunbed.” However, do expect a growing presence of spirited Australian guests in the pool (apologies, folks – you know the vibe), but a visit to Finns is a must on your Bali trip!

3.Potato Head, Seminyak

The building around the beach club is really cool and unique, like an old window panel Colosseum. You should check it out. Get there early if you want a sunbed because it can get crowded. Also, Potato Head throws some awesome parties that you should definitely go to! Due to its popularity, Potato Head can get crowded, especially during peak hours. If you want a sunbed, arriving early is a good idea as they are often in high demand.

4. Sundays Beach Club, Uluwatu

I have a deep affection for the cliffs and untamed beauty of Uluwatu in southern Bali. Sundays Beach Club is strategically situated on the beach, sandwiched between these majestic cliffs, and you can access it via an elevator ride. The location itself is a major plus. Grab a paddleboard, take a leisurely paddle while enjoying the sun and some cocktails. All the ingredients for a day of pure relaxation in paradise can be found here.

5.Atlas Beach Fest Canggu

Atlas Beach Fest, the world’s largest beach club boasting Asia’s longest beach bar, promises an extravagant experience. It’s more than just a breathtaking beachfront venue; Atlas Beach Fest seamlessly blends entertainment and culture. Imagine captivating glow-in-the-dark Balinese dances, traditional kecak fire performances, and even a waterfall as part of the entertainment. Add to this the excitement of paramotorists, jugglers, magicians, and Bali’s largest nightclub, the Atlas Nightclub, featuring dazzling dancers and top-tier international DJs.

For the ultimate night out, we recommend arriving early to enjoy sunset cocktails by the beachfront pool and staying late for the post-sundown after-parties. With its luxurious and contemporary atmosphere, state-of-the-art facilities, and even options for helicopter transfers in premium packages, an Atlas Beach Fest party is an unparalleled experience.

6. Cafe del Mar

This trendy beach club, currently in high demand, has brought the vibrant vibes of Ibiza to Bali, and we’re forever grateful for it. At Café del Mar Bali, you’ll want to show off your finest designer bikini because it’s an astonishing 10,000 square-meter, two-level beachfront pool club, nestled on the shores of Berawa Beach in Canggu.

Here, you’ll find a 1,000 square-meter infinity pool offering mesmerizing ocean views, along with private luxury cabanas that resemble oceanfront villas. The establishment features a top-notch coastal-Mediterranean restaurant, numerous swim-up bars, and cocktail lounges, as well as state-of-the-art staging for large outdoor music events. With a team of international talent and the signature white-and-blue interiors you’d expect from the Ibiza-born brand, Café del Mar is an absolute must on any Bali beach club checklist.

7. La Brisa

If you’re into beachfront cocktails and a laid-back, shabby-chic tropical atmosphere, then you’ll want to head over to La Brisa – Canggu’s boho-beanbag beach club situated on Echo Beach, offering multiple pools with ocean views. La Brisa is part of the same family as La Laguna, La Favela, and La Plancha, and it brings the same effortless coolness that has made its counterparts so popular.

With a gorgeously casual yet chic touch (those reclaimed wooden deck chairs are a hit), La Brisa retains all the charm of a castaway island. Imagine rustic Spanish cuisine, delightful cocktails, swaying palm trees, and a lively soundtrack to enhance your leisurely day in paradise. It’s a must-visit spot for those seeking a relaxed and trendy beach club experience.

Many of our trips to bali and guided tours in Bali include visits to these fantastic beach clubs, allowing you to experience their unique charm and vibrant atmospheres. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool, enjoy delicious cocktails, or dance the night away, these beach clubs offer a wide range of experiences for every traveler.

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